Headcrash - A Romance

by Kiss The Blade

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released February 1, 2000



all rights reserved


Kiss The Blade

First gig 1992, a couple of records 1994 - 2002, a couple of shows 1992-2002. Hard Goth.

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Track Name: Need To Be Left
A steady low-watt glow
Content but far too far away
Don't know I say, but I do know well
So you were dreamy, but you had noone to dream about
And now I've got several dreams of mine to sell

She says it's hard to say I love you, but I'll do it anyway
She needs to be left
Was I supposed to fight?
Supposed to hold on tight?
She needs to be left

"You owe me that much"
Can I believe my ears?
"I am entitled to know these things about us"
While asking me things that make me scream who are you
You need to be left

She still looks nice and sensible and all the things she used to be
But the love of my life plays tricks on me
How could you walk out on me like that?
Don't try to convince me to forget
And don't pretend that all of this is new to you

A steady low-watt glow
Unless I see her again the way she seemed to be
And I can't really see that sort of vision descending down on me tonight

You need to be left
Track Name: Haploid
Tell me
Is everything just built on lies
And I don't really mean your words this time
I always wanted you to know me
But I've known for a long time now you never did

As I know that you won't answer
As I know we'll never meet again
As I know I can't let go
At least not tonight
At least not on purpose
At least not all by myself

Time has come to say goodbye again
Time to hate again
(But) let me (just) add some consoling words
Track Name: Carrigan
But are you sure you want this?
But are you sure you want to go this way?
Your confession is confusion
At least to me
Or should I say it's me who goes away?

Oh, how jealous I would be
How happy it would make me
I miss your sharpened wit
I don't believe a word of it

If I found out that all of this was one big lie
And if I confessed I knew it all the time
And if I heard your silent admitting sigh
Come on, tell me, would you help me die?

You tore apart my heart
I'm not about to deny that
You tore apart my heart
And a broken thing is dead
Track Name: Anaklit
I can't judge from a distance
But my memory keeps me close to what you've done
Close to what you meant to me
So I feed my memory to understand just what you mean to me

But you are gone
You're no longer in my world
And lifeman said "the world is all there is"
So you are no more
But he was wrong
You are there
You're right here, right beside me, within me
You are always in my heart
And you'll never leave me

And we both know that b.o. saved my life
Does "yet" really mean "one day"?

And when I claim to care less than usual I lie
That's all that memories can do
Stop you from growing cold
And help you just the same as you grow old
I'm older now and I "know better than before"
I know where I've been going wrong
Just like I know I can't change for long
Track Name: Recent Life Events
Just look across my face
The look of an emotion we two know just too well
Just this one expression that never seems to change
As soon as someone mentions one of those certain things again

But the only change this time
The one thing that's new tonight
Is that I don't need to hear your decision anymore
Now is this some kind of difference to you
So who will leave tonight
So who will leave tomorrow

And now you linger lonely after those mistakes you've made
How much disappointment a single man can take
Track Name: Another Second's Way
This is less than I expected
All delights that don't remain
Die or hurt me, nevermind
Just go and let me live again

I have no answers anymore
The chills remain behind the door
Everything so good and new
But I don't believe you

No space no more
No must no more
No love no more
No trust no more

I don't wanna see anything
Don't tell me what to do
Everything is on it's place now
And I have got no time for you

I walk to where I've been before
You can't impress me anymore
I face nothing but another love
Your arms before me, but step aside, I know that I have seen enough

One more night and I will feel this second's way forever
Someone around me falls to the ground and rests upon the floor
Just one more night and I will find some other hand to hold on
She cries "Don't leave me, don't turn your eyes towards the door"
Track Name: Verdict
I did my best to ignore the things that should need no practice
And the things you can't cultivate
And now it's too late

Tell me please that I've come for no reason
When I feared you had to talk to someone
But we're getting on ok, improving even

Prepared to face that gentle kind of verdict
Polite and cruel
Is there anything that I can do?
Was there anything that I could do?

Unkind, but justified
Pluck the rosebud and it dies

Have you ever had to get down, never to rise again?

Brace myself is what I had to do
But again I would not allow myself to
And now it's too late
Cutting you dead
And ignoring all the words you said

Prepared to face the truly obvious verdict
We're not too blind to expect The Good Thing
You might just face what you denied for ages
But I might leave and I'll recall everything
Track Name: Never Forget
I'll never forget the day we met
For the first time we talked
I'll never forget this face
I'll never forget this smile
I'll never forget these eyes
Eyes of crystal blue
Never Forget
Never Forget
This everlasting memory is tearing me apart
The greatest pain on earth
The voice was gentle as it told me stories of another life
A way of living I never had
How much was reached and made and done in those few years
I ask me what is yet to come
Never Forget
Never Forget
The trips to the places where heaven is on earth for us
A head full of plans for the forthcoming life
This smiling face expressed contentment with everything
A friendly reliance from the first moment on
Never before did anyone talk to me that way
Nobody else ever made me cry
I can never forget
I can never forget
Track Name: No Fear
Break my bones, break my neck
You turn away, I hold you back
No fear
Diving into yesterday
Won't help you drive your tears away
Come near

I wonder what this silence means
Reproaches haunt me in my dreams
Doors you shut are hiding lies
But I can see through your disguise
Falling backwards you can see
The distance is too big for me
And I'll be reaching out for you
Only if you want me to

Live in anger, live in pain
Don't waste your time, it's all the same
Remember what you said to me
I am you, you are me
Dreaming of some other time
The sweating people stand in line
The dawning ends our fading fight
You'll hold me in your arms tonight

Your smile is back, your fear is gone
Your smile is back, as we walk along
I hold your hand, this is the day
I'll never let you go away