Heartbeat Amplified

by Kiss The Blade

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released September 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Kiss The Blade

First gig 1992, a couple of records 1994 - 2002, a couple of shows 1992-2002. Hard Goth.

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Track Name: Retaliate

Periods of blackness when you seemed to disappear
Have grown a constant

To keep in with me leave no stone unturned

Too many silent voices pushed me to the spiral's end
Ignorant to reason of my own consoling mind
The real advices
The ones to be trusted
I remember them all

More patient than the rest
Run out of ways out
I demand my love back
Track Name: Share The Dangers
Gonna let it come to this
Gonna bend the rules to this
Bleed me white as you bled me for my sanity
Now that I awoke to that
Don't look down upon me
Bear up to bear me down
Now that you awoke me

And I can't resist
And I can't forget
And I can't admit
And I won't regret

Just don't forget me like you've done before
Cast about for something that will sharpen the blur
For no other reason did I long to know
Now I'm far beyond doubt
More than you'll ever know

I've been waiting all my life to share any dangers with her
But this plan was bound to fail
Now when she's gone
If that's all I can ask for
Will she take me in, throw me out, cut me up and all that more...

Can I move away
Can I make you stay
Can I turn your mind
It's all the same at the end of the day

I was the only one who could see was to be
Though I recall far more than I can bear I forgot when I began on realizing there's nothing left
Track Name: One Thing Left
Just for a moment I hear your voice
As my heart stops to ensure me that my running's over
As I force myself to believe that nothing's wasted
I don't bother like I don't breathe

I don't know when I drifted into sleep last night
That I ever...
That I ever...
And here I stand with one thing left
Just one thing that will never leave me
Unlike you

For all that remains is what you couldn't take away
My senseless heart and its senseless beating
Turn around and see all hopes destroyed

If you'd ever read my letters right
I didn't know
Nor did I
And it showed
Stay forever
Forever away from me

For all that remains is what you wouldn't take away
My senseless heart and its senseless beating
Turn around and see all hopes destroyed

There were times when I could have
But not anymore
But not anymore
There are more things gone than just you
There are more things gone than just you
There are more things gone than you
There are more things gone than you
Track Name: Head And Heart
Now I'm gone
Going on
Try to sleep and feel your love tonight
Sibyl's gone
Time has come to hide and dive into this certain corner

We can stare until we're done
And there's nowhere left to run
Will you give this dance a miss
Or leave me wounded with a kiss

Wotton's gone
Going on
Changing old conventions and take it in
On and on
Never done
Never have I asked you for your secrets

Can't give away my memory
Last thing precious to me
To head and heart it's all the same
Tired enough to take the blame
I know it's different this time
You're still mine

Let me ration my mind to accord with your wishes and my abilities
Track Name: Incomplete
You don't feel the same
A torch without a flame
Bound to the floor and reznornailed
I've got too much here, but I'm incomplete
Down to me when common sense prevailed

Get out of my dead heart
Final proof that we're apart
No turning back, come rain or shine
I've made my choice
Just your shallow voice seduces me in times of nervine

"As life has no treasure so death is a pleasure"
Two reasons why you chose to leave me on my own
All over and done with
A reason to live
One of the few - the kind advices that I've known
Track Name: Never Forget
I'll never forget the day we met
For the first time we talked
I'll never forget this face
I'll never forget this smile
I'll never forget these eyes
Eyes of crystal blue
Never Forget
Never Forget
This everlasting memory is tearing me apart
The greatest pain on earth
The voice was gentle as it told me stories of another life
A way of living I never had
How much was reached and made and done in those few years
I ask me what is yet to come
Never Forget
Never Forget
The trips to the places where heaven is on earth for us
A head full of plans for the forthcoming life
This smiling face expressed contentment with everything
A friendly reliance from the first moment on
Never before did anyone talk to me that way
Nobody else ever made me cry
I can never forget
I can never forget
Track Name: Some Become One
One soul in two bodies
An ego like mine
While two become one
I get along fine
I've seen your answers deep inside
But you never really tried

All that I wanted in my life
All that I needed to survive
Dissolved as soon as I set my mind free from my aching doubts of any kind

One soul in two bodies
An ego like mine
While some become one
I get along fine
To long to return, she said, is the only thing that's left sometimes

Certainty without a proof
Heaven as a heart
Heaven as a roof
Track Name: Knowing Eyes Can See It All
Stand the racket
Stand my rights
Stand or fall
Stand the fights

It stands to reason she would never hear of it
Stand the test
She fails to admit

Put the blame on me
That won't hurt too much
To that I disagree
It only hurts when you touch

Make up for all that's gone
If you ever cared
Then you may leave me here in dreams you never shared

I can see the purpose in her eyes
Cold and bound to spit out lies
Dream it up and watch it fall
Knowing eyes can see it all