Walk The Knife's Edge

by Kiss The Blade

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first CD release


released December 1, 1994



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Kiss The Blade

First gig 1992, a couple of records 1994 - 2002, a couple of shows 1992-2002. Hard Goth.

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Track Name: King
Don't ask me for what remains
Your picture here is wet with stains
The tragic taste of hostile games
Ended our ride - my friend

Precious moments are all gone
I won't ask you what went wrong
No need for me to come along
Or even turn my face to you

Nothing in my mind is new
Just one thing not to do
No, you've never been untrue
But still there's nothing more to say - admit

I see it clearly day by day
Some moments never fade away
The power I gained is here to stay
But will it help me stand this loss

Hear me speak and listen, too
All my thoughts are known to you
Kickout the candles, turn on the light
Make the painting shine so bright

Promise me the promise I
Never want you to deny
Hear my desperate silent cry
Oh, King - don't let it die
Track Name: No Fear
Break my bones, break my neck
You turn away, I hold you back
No fear
Diving into yesterday
Won't help you drive your tears away
Come near

I wonder what this silence means
Reproaches haunt me in my dreams
Doors you shut are hiding lies
But I can see through your disguise
Falling backwards you can see
The distance is too big for me
And I'll be reaching out for you
Only if you want me to

Live in anger, live in pain
Don't waste your time, it's all the same
Remember what you said to me
I am you, you are me
Dreaming of some other time
The sweating people stand in line
The dawning ends our fading fight
You'll hold me in your arms tonight

Your smile is back, your fear is gone
Your smile is back, as we walk along
I hold your hand, this is the day
I'll never let you go away
Track Name: Never Forget
I'll never forget the day we met
For the first time we talked
I'll never forget this face
I'll never forget this smile
I'll never forget these eyes
Eyes of crystal blue
Never Forget
Never Forget
This everlasting memory is tearing me apart
The greatest pain on earth
The voice was gentle as it told me stories of another life
A way of living I never had
How much was reached and made and done in those few years
I ask me what is yet to come
Never Forget
Never Forget
The trips to the places where heaven is on earth for us
A head full of plans for the forthcoming life
This smiling face expressed contentment with everything
A friendly reliance from the first moment on
Never before did anyone talk to me that way
Nobody else ever made me cry
I can never forget
I can never forget
Track Name: Leave
Stop and tell me about them
Your things will soon come to an end
See your sky gets darker and
You've got no chance to beat me

I'll never leave my puppet sticking in your cloudy world
Forget it
Need no kind of madness from you
Need nothing that I have seen
I've never bleeded from your gifts
I'll never turn to what you've been

Your fading roses leave me blind
You never know what's on my mind
I am a stranger of some other kind
Your dream is dying, I am not
You wonder what it's all about
You are one face dying in the crowd
Your words are weak, but still too loud
I stamp the ground you walk upon

I spit you in your face, forget counting on my grace
I turn away
Think of me, I don't care
Never touch me, don't you dare
Leave my reach and start to hear
The bells of vengeance getting near

You call me in the light of day
Your curtain falls in any way
Your chances faded yesterday
I never feel thirsty

There you walked and there you sat
There you loughed and there you spat
No more will rise the ugly rat
I'll never feel guilty
Track Name: Day X
I fear to crush our fragile chain and
Yet I have to ask again
I promise you, don't trust in vain
I'll never mention it again
Let me ask you the last questions
Let me long for the last answers
The words you said made me cry
I felt like heaven, you know why

But the doubts about us leave me torn
You stab my heart with a thorn
You give me everything to do
My life is worthless without you

Hold me like you've done before
Two years I cannot wait for more
Six I waited just for this
Don't mind the things that I would miss
Feel my hand, reach out for me
Feel my grip, look out and see
Right in my face, in my eyes
I'll lead you to our paradise
Within my arms you can hide
I offer things, you decide
I give you what you want from me
With all your choices I agree
Has there something died between us
Is the result the lack of trust
Touch me again to seal our deal
Never turn away from me